Does Time Really Heal?

When someone goes through something bad you always hear people trying to give them advice that time will heal them but is that even true? I would have to say that it is 100% wrong advice because time never heals. It is what you do with that time that makes healing possible. If you have bad things happen to you in and you never deal with what happened thinking that time will eventually heal your … Continue reading

Growing Towards Christ

I believe there are 4 things that you must do if you want to grow towards Christ. Granted there may be other things but these 4 have to be there in order to build a solid foundation in Christ! They are Pray, Read, Listen & Do. I want to talk about each of those areas within this article. I believe if you will focus on those 4 things, your growth will start to happen. As I … Continue reading

Has satan Stolen Your Identity?

So many people work so hard at protecting their identity from identity thieves, but they forget the biggest thief of them all and that is satan. He creates lies that you believe and steals who God called you to be. Remember, do not allow who you think you are to stop you from becoming who God called you to be. If you are a Christian then you are worthy of his love. There is nothing … Continue reading

Bondage Will Destroy You BUT In Christ you are FREE!

There are so many people who believe that following Christ keeps you in bondage and they just want to be free but that is so far from the truth. Bondage comes when we sin. We will be the most free when we are living fully for Christ. Any choices you make that involve any kind of sin create a bondage within your mind and soul. It is this bondage that will tear you down. Many … Continue reading

Unless you have God in your Heart!

I see so many people pitching so many things from weight loss to making money that it isn’t even funny but I don’t hear many of them talk about God much. They preach that money will change your life or losing all that weight will change your life but in reality only God can change your life because he changes your heart. On the outside, it is only temporary but on the inside is where … Continue reading

Dysfunctional Gods?

First I would like to point out that anything outside of the one true God is dysfunctional but for this article I want to talk about the 7 most common things that most people use as a God. See anything can become your God if you focus too much on it and less on God himself. 1) Money – This of course is the most common one that people think of. Money is a great … Continue reading

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing!

God taught me a powerful lesson today. One of my goals this year was to not talk about politics. I really get into it and needed a break from it. I am talking about a yearly break. You could call it a sabbatical from politics so to speak. Well I was sitting out in the car at Walmart waiting on Sandy to grab a few things when I saw a friend of mine. I waved … Continue reading

God’s Calling on Your Life

What is God calling you to do? You really need to answer this. No matter what you do in life, unless you are following the direction that God is leading you, you will not find the joy that God has for you. If you are married then you need to ask God where is he leading your marriage? What is the calling that God has for your marriage. What is it that the two of … Continue reading

Taking Effective Action

Are you taking effective action? What do I mean by effective action? Effective action is action with a purpose. If we are going to live like Jesus then we need to take effective action. Jesus never took action for the sake of action. Everything Jesus did had a purpose behind the action. When you take effective action, you will see God move in behind you and move you to levels you only dreamed of. Are … Continue reading

Unjust Words?

Have you ever been unjustly accused of something? Or has someone judged you harshly because of who you are? It happens all the time. I don’t think anyone is immune to it. It is a fact of life even though it shouldn’t be. I see Christians judging people, people judging Christians, people judging how much someone weighs or whatever it is, it is wrong. We are supposed to love one another even if we are … Continue reading