Choose Compassion in Every Situation!

When things that are out of your control or others control do you get upset and take it out on people? Do you explode if you don’t get your way? We all go through situations that we really don’t want to be bothered with but it is how you go through them that makes all the difference. I can remember many years ago I was flaying back to Savannah and the flight was timed where … Continue reading

Do You Feel Worthless?

I believe that some churches have done a disservice to God over the years. We have a society of Christians who believe they are worthless because the church has condemned them so much. They think unless you are perfect that you shouldn’t be in church. That is NOT of God. Sinners need to be in church. Once we accept Christ and our past is wiped clean then we are among the kings!!!! We aren’t supposed … Continue reading

Has satan Stolen Your Identity?

So many people work so hard at protecting their identity from identity thieves, but they forget the biggest thief of them all and that is satan. He creates lies that you believe and steals who God called you to be. Remember, do not allow who you think you are to stop you from becoming who God called you to be. If you are a Christian then you are worthy of his love. There is nothing … Continue reading

Will Your Life Matter?

As I look at my life, I am 41 years old and I have to ask will my life even matter when I am gone? My goal is to make the changes I need to make so that I leave my footprint in this world. Are you leaving a footprint? Will your life even matter if you died today? I hope you really think about that question because we all can get so bogged down … Continue reading

Are You Living in Good Enough?

As I look at life and the people around me I hear many people say that my life is good enough. What people don’t realize is that a good enough life is the enemy of God’s purpose because God’s purpose is the best possible way to live. If you know without a doubt that you are living within God’s purpose for your life then that is awesome! Keep doing what you are doing but I … Continue reading

Are You in Your Own Prison?

When I say the word prison what do you think of? You think of a cell that holds people who have done things wrong right? But what if I told you that many people who have never done anything wrong are in their own prison because of their past? This prison may not have bars but it is just as powerful. I talk a lot about the past in my articles because I believe our … Continue reading

Taking Out the Trash!

Why do you take out the trash? It is trash right? What happens when you take the trash out? Do you ever go back and check on it to make sure it is at the dump? How do you know the garbage people took it there? Do you even care? Of course not then why do you do that with your past? Shouldn’t you treat your past the way you treat your trash? You should … Continue reading

The Meaning of Life?

What really is the meaning of life? I don’t know about you but I want to do something that not only touches lives before I die but also that out lives me. I don’t want to just live an average life where you just go to work, do what society says you are supposed to do and just live life in quiet desperation. There really has to be more to life than living that way … Continue reading

Unless you have God in your Heart!

I see so many people pitching so many things from weight loss to making money that it isn’t even funny but I don’t hear many of them talk about God much. They preach that money will change your life or losing all that weight will change your life but in reality only God can change your life because he changes your heart. On the outside, it is only temporary but on the inside is where … Continue reading

What is Your Story?

What is your story? We all have a story to tell. Yours will touch people that mine will not and mine will touch people that yours will not. There is so much power in your story. That is one reason why Jesus taught in stories or parables because of the power within them. We learn faster when there is a story behind it. We stay tuned into them because they are more interesting. You may … Continue reading