Unless you have God in your Heart!

I see so many people pitching so many things from weight loss to making money that it isn’t even funny but I don’t hear many of them talk about God much. They preach that money will change your life or losing all that weight will change your life but in reality only God can change your life because he changes your heart. On the outside, it is only temporary but on the inside is where … Continue reading

What Deep Down Breaks Your Heart?

What deep down bothers you? Whatever this is will lead you to where God called you to go. We all have a calling and purpose from God. He put something within us that we are supposed to do. God created you on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose. Many people haven’t figured out what God’s purpose for their lives is. I am telling you the first step to figuring that out is find … Continue reading

Dysfunctional Gods?

First I would like to point out that anything outside of the one true God is dysfunctional but for this article I want to talk about the 7 most common things that most people use as a God. See anything can become your God if you focus too much on it and less on God himself. 1) Money – This of course is the most common one that people think of. Money is a great … Continue reading

Marriage Retreats

As you know, marriage retreats can be a great place to refresh your marriage and to change the whole direction you are going. They are an awesome spiritual awakening for your marriage. There are many to choose from out there and next year there will be one more to choose from. Next year, my wife and I will host a marriage retreat in the fall up in the Smoky Mountains Area. In 2014, we will … Continue reading

God’s Calling on Your Life

What is God calling you to do? You really need to answer this. No matter what you do in life, unless you are following the direction that God is leading you, you will not find the joy that God has for you. If you are married then you need to ask God where is he leading your marriage? What is the calling that God has for your marriage. What is it that the two of … Continue reading

Writing a Book

Sandy and I have felt God leading us to write a book over the last few years. We have procrastinated on this. I am not sure why but we have decided to finally listen to God and write. I think a part of it had to do with what do we write about? We have at least 4-5 different book titles that have come to us. All are really great but which one do we … Continue reading

Are you compromising?

I see so many people in this day and time doing things that compromise their integrity who then try to justify it with some stupid excuse. There are no excuses when it comes to compromising because once you justify it one time then it becomes a little easier to justify it again and then again on bigger things. Compromising on your beliefs is the worst thing you can do. You can compromise in certain areas … Continue reading

Two Broken People Coming Together

Do you realize that marriage is two broken people coming together. When two people marry, there will never be two whole perfect people coming together. Christ was the only person who could claim that so when you are looking for someone to marry, you should not be finding the perfect person but the person who is perfect for you. I am not one of these people who believe in soul-mates. That is one of the … Continue reading

Life Begins Just Outside of Your Comfort Zone (Pt 2)

Yesterday I talked about where Life begins. I felt a nudge to expand on this issue about the areas of life where the comfort zone can affect you. I guess I could have added the comfort zone to the Family Destroyers series as this is also a family destroyer. The first comfort zone I will talk about is being a passive parent. I am starting on this since today is Father’s Day. I thought it … Continue reading

Balancing 86,400 ticks today

The hardest part to life is finding that balance. We all try to balance God with work, family and fun. When we work 60 plus hours a week it throws that balance all out of shape. Sometimes we are going to have to sacrifice our career in order to keep balance in life with family. I talk about this a lot because I see this as a huge issue in our country. We are running … Continue reading